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Wednesday, August 2, 2006 at 08:39AM

In the Philosophy Department we’re pleased to be hosting some short visits from Gillian Russell, and Jon Cohen. It’s neat to be in a place where smart people come to visit, think and talk to you.

Last week we had a couple of logic seminars from neat west-coast of the USA types: Mike Titelbaum from Berkeley and Stanley Peters from Stanford. At drinks after the logic seminar I met Mark Steedman from Edinburgh, and it was nice to have a symmetric reaction “oh, you’re X, I’m Y” for X and Y in {‘MS’,’GR’}. He was able to fill me in on the very interesting work done on substructrual logics, categorial grammar, and statistical parsing.

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I would far rather feel contrition than be able to define it.
— Thomas À Kempis Imitation, Book 1, Chapter 1.